Urge Our Government Leaders To Protect Children Migrating Alone

Our Catholic bishops and our Vincentian leadership are asking us to join them in advocating to the President and Congress to protect the vulnerable children who are migrating to the United States, unaccompanied by adults because of violence in certain countries of Central America.

An urgent message is being sent this week to all LCUSA Board Members and Association Presidents. We are posting it again here, to give you online access to the documents.


Attached please find an urgent message that requires your immediate action from Gayle Johnson and MaryAnn Dantuono: Message – August 24 (Word doc)

As part of the larger Vincentian Family, we are collaborating to make our Vincentian voice and heart heard by our government leaders. Please click on the link:


and customize the letter if you wish. If you have already registered with the Voice of the Poor, your information will appear. If you have not, you will need to provide your home address and other information requested. It will automatically be sent to the President, and your Senator and Representative.

If you prefer not to use the automated system, we have attached the same letter in word format, for you to download and save or print: Short Letter to President Obama (Word doc)

You may also view these documents below.

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