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Madagascar Update 2/2010

Through our association with AIC (International Association of Charities), The Ladies of Charity became aware of the needs of Madagascar: food, clothing, housing, medicine, schooling, and more. In this impoverished country, even the basic need of water is not taken for granted. Here, many people lack life’s necessities; this a country often struck with natural disasters and epidemics. Because of the disparity of these people, LCUSA has taken up an annual collection for those in Madagascar since 2003. The funds we collect provide food and school supplies to orphans and abandoned children.

Local AIC volunteers operating in 14 different associations throughout the country provide food, clothing and medical care, pay school fees and provide supplies; offer spiritual, health and civic education; dialogue with mothers; teach agricultural techniques, sewing, knitting, weaving and gardening.

Our funds assist the volunteers who collect the “running-in-the-street children,” THE RECIPIENTS OF OUR EFFORTS, to pay their school fees and provide them with one meal a day eleven months of the year. The volunteers encourage those who receive to contribute to their own well being. One such program invites children to bring wood for the fire, thus allowing them to help with the daily cooking.

As a RESULT of these efforts, many children do well and continue on in school. Unfortunately, some cannot do school work at home, as there is no light; they may have little or no assistance at home with school work as many of their mothers are illiterate. Still others are obliged to work in order to provide food for their family.

The children and the volunteers of AIC Madagascar send their thanks to the Ladies of Charity for their help which provides great opportunities for change in the lives of the children.

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