Twinning in America

What is Twinning?

AIC, our global parent, published a didactic booklet on TWINNINGS (December, 2003). “Twinning between two entities speaks of partnership, networking, cooperation and support, and… solidarity. Twinnings have been implemented in different ways: material support, training, friendships, exchanges of experiences, co-responsibility for a specific project, visits, mutual knowledge of countries, and cultural riches, cultural exchanges. The importance of going beyond financial support was always recognized.”

Within the Ladies of Charity, there are opportunities to form twinning relationships with our fellow volunteers overseas (AIC) or here in our own country, between two local Ladies of Charity associations.

Cincinnati and Pittsburgh Ladies of Charity Begin Twinning Project for Literacy

While there doesn’t seem to be much love on the football field between Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, there is definitely a synergy between the two cities where the Ladies of Charity are concerned. Pittsburgh has already begun donating loads of books to Cincinnati for Cincinnati’s new Literacy Program, and many more donations (and graces!) are expected throughout the coming year.

The preliminary donations and constant communications between the two cities will be key in the success of Cincinnati’s new literacy program.

Relief Efforts Twinning Internationally