Ladies of Charity Unite with Knights of Columbus to Raise Funds

Submitted by:
Arlene Taylor, President
St. Matthias the Apostle LOC

St. Matthias the Apostle Catholic Church Ladies of Charity teamed with the Knights of Columbus to raise funds to support their multiple charitable programs. Like many charitable organizations, the challenge to fill the coffers is an on-going concern. Busily striving to offer services and address the requests of those in need, the financial income can become a deterrent. Fundraisers are plentiful as every school, church and community strives to meet their monetary demands. St. Matthias Church LOC was no different.

Having partnered with the KOC during several other projects, including Food Pantry Distributions and COVID Vaccination Clinics, we knew that they are always helpful and generous with their time, talent and treasure. Therefore, when we asked KOC for fundraiser ideas, without hesitation, we were offered the opportunity to work alongside them at FedEx Field’s (Landover, Maryland) food concessions during the football season. Well, our ladies never had this idea. We wanted to know more.

We invited a very active KOC member to speak at one of our meetings and tell us what this “fundraiser” entailed. He told us the jobs included several different tasks such as preparing food, selling food, operating the register, cleaning the area and even record keeping. The dates would be weekends and some weekdays usually in the evenings, beginning in September with “pre-season” events and continuing through the football season in January. We were informed that each participating person or group would have to commit to a minimum of 5 events to earn funds. Therefore, for example, five volunteers had to work at a total of 25 events! Each event might last up to 8 hours or more. Surprisingly, at least 6 ladies volunteered to try it out. Eventually the numbers increased with family and friends contributing hours wherever possible.
We are so very pleased with our new comradery with the KOC! The “FedEx LOC Volunteers” have proven to be awesome. Kudos to each person who supported this fundraiser endeavor with their time, energy and dedication, especially Anoucheka Cherisca, Xavier and Sabrina Cherisca, Jeannette Davis, Charity Ezeani, Julie Gill, Blanche Mahop, Florence Nwoko, Marion Prout, Pat Richards and Debbie Self. They are true examples of the Vincentian Spirit… tirelessly, generously giving to help provide for those in need.

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