Assembly 2023 Concludes – Thank You From the LCUSA Board

“We Choose Love 2023” was fantastic. The LCUSA board most gratefully acknowledges all of the work that the Ladies of Buffalo put into this assembly. Thank you for all of the passion, attention to detail and the warm welcome you gave to all of us who attended.

To all who attended, we are so grateful for your presence. It was so energizing to see so many come together in prayer, reflection, discussion and fun. We hope your experiences were positive. If you have not yet filled out an evaluation form, you can do so online at or scan the code below.

We are already at work for 2024 St. Louis/Quincy. See you then.

2 thoughts on “Assembly 2023 Concludes – Thank You From the LCUSA Board

  1. Thank you for all the hard workers for the assembly and to put names to faces. Such a spiritual, fun was had by all . Thanks again.

  2. Thank you to Kathy Sieracki, and Kathy Roseti , local Assembly chairs; and Natalie Boone and Peggy Keene, National Co-Chairwomen and the extensive and productive team for a truly outstanding Assembly! It seemed that every single detail was considered or acted upon. While the focus was on the victims of the Mass supermaarket shootings in Buffalo last year, we were treated to some fabulous pre-Assembly speakers and tours. The programing and prayer opportunities were outstanding as well. Judging from conversation, we were all very moved by those speaking about their experiences with organizations who courageously support those in need. Again, Fr. Gielow and Buffalo Ladies and National Members, thank you for bringing us such fun and inspiration.

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