AIC: Let’s prepare together for the Feast of Saint Vincent!

Dear friends,

As we embark on the Vincentian month, leading up to the celebration of the Feast of Saint Vincent on September 27th, we are pleased to share with you a new resource for deepening our Vincentian charism.

A team of Vincentian Family members, from different geographical and cultural backgrounds and belonging to various branches of the Family, have developed a spiritual retreat guide, available online on the Vincentian Family website.

You can access it through the following link:

“Online retreats offer a fixed point for encountering God in everyday life (…) Our Vincentian Family retreat is designed to lead you, the retreatant, into an experience of Vincentian spirituality.” (Vincentian Charism Retreat, p. 1)

You will notice as you review the material for the retreat that it is divided into 5 separate “Days”, each one following a distinct theme fundamental to the spiritual vision of St Vincent de Paul. Each “Day” of the retreat may take a day, a week, a month according to your schedule.

The material is currently available in eight languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Dutch and Swahili.

We warmly encourage you all to follow this spiritual journey, individually or as a group. We hope it will help you to take advantage of our founder’s Feast Day to deepen the first Priority Line of Action we chose together in Rome (“rooting ourselves in the Vincentian charism”), so that we may serve our brothers and sisters living in poverty ever better.

May the Holy Spirit and Saint Vincent continue to accompany us,

With our very best wishes,

Tayde de Callataÿ, President

Guillermina Vergara, Contact with the Famvin

Milagros Galisteo, Training Coordinator

Bénédicte de Bellefroid, General Manager

AIC International Secretariat

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