Tragic Accident Takes Life of Lady of Charity, Her Newborn Baby, Her Sister, and Boy from Pennsylvania

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Update August 29, 2023

A large fundraiser was held in Norristown PA to Help the Families of the Accident Victims – Read article here

Update August 26, 2023

Rosario, who was in a coma due to severe brain trauma, passed away last night. May she rest in peace. With her, there have now been four deaths from this tragic accident.

Lady of Charity Margarita Ramirez Luna of the Norristown, PA association, her newborn baby and a 12-year-old boy were killed while several others were injured in a crash in upstate New York involving three families who were traveling from Pennsylvania to Niagara Falls, last weekend. Margarita’s sister Rosario remains in critical condition, in a coma.

Read full article on NBC Philadelphia

The family writes:

“On Saturday, August 19th, our family suffered a tragic accident when they were on their way to Niagara Falls. What was supposed to be a fun filled family weekend became a nightmare when the van in which the family of 13 was traveling had a terrible accident. The consequences have been dire with multiple deaths, including Alex Andrade Ramirez, who was only 12 years old, Maria Margarita Ramirez (Maggie) who was pregnant and although initially the doctors were able to deliver her baby (Maximiliano), he also passed away a few hours later. Jorge, her husband, is also in the hospital taking care of their 18-month-old infant. Rosario “Rosie” Ramirez is in critical condition, in a coma with severe brain trauma. Elizabeth and Guadalupe Ramirez are also waiting to have surgery. The twins Daniel and David Estrada Ramirez (8yrs), and their sister Yasmin Estrada Ramirez (16yrs) are also under observation.

Our brothers and sisters are in desperate need of prayer so that God can provide strength to deal with such a difficult situation. At the same time, this family is going to need significant financial help to cover the costs of medical bills, funerals, repatriation of the bodies to Mexico and rehabilitation.”

The Norristown group is holding a fund raiser on Sunday for the family. Several Ladies of Charity from the Mid-Atlantic Region are making plans to attend.

Meanwhile, other Vincentian Family branches are also taking action. Fr. Flavio Pereira, CM of the Vincentian Family Office in Philadelphia has been by the family’s side accompanying them through this painful time. Fr. Gregory Semeniuk, CM, and representatives of the St. Vincent de Paul Society came to the hospital to lend their support, to mention a few of the examples we know about so far.

Please keep the families in your prayers. You may use the information below to make a financial contribution.

Checks payable to:
Damas de la Caridad Fe Y Esperanza, Inc.
1308 W. Elm St.
Norristown, PA 19401-3612

This page will be updated as we get more information.

One thought on “Tragic Accident Takes Life of Lady of Charity, Her Newborn Baby, Her Sister, and Boy from Pennsylvania

  1. 8/26/2023
    Members of the Society of St Vincent dePaul, Eastern Region, send heartfelt condolences to the Ladies of Charity and the family of Margarita. Our prayers are with you following the tragic accident, and members may soon provide some monetary assistance, too. ✝️☮️
    Lynne Betts, Vice President

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