News from Ladies of Charity of Bastrop, Texas

The Ladies of Charity of Bastrop, TX shared their Annual Report, highlighting some of the good works they undertook in 2022.

Source: The News, a publication of the Ladies of Charity of Bastrop

More than 400 years ago, St. Vincent de Paul showed us that service to the poor, sick, elderly and needy was a very real necessity. Last year (2022), our 39th year in existence, was even more of a necessity, so we continued to provide services to the residents of Bastrop. We started 39 years ago with garage sales in the Ascension Catholic Church parking lot, helping with Meals on Wheels and the Bastrop Nursing Home. We made donations to the Ministerial Alliance and helped establish the Bastrop Food Pantry, Bastrop Pink Santa, the Bastrop Soup Kitchen, and of course our own thrift store. During these 39 years, it has been our custom to help 501(c)(3)’s get started. We joined the Knights of Columbus to sponsor LOC/KOC House at the Hands Up High Compound. This is one of the houses that lets a homeless family live rent free for 45 days to get on their feet. Even more importantly, it was the first time that we joined with the Knights in helping the homeless.

In 2021, the office was closed, but we continued to try to help individuals in need. Household items and clothing were donated to those in need ($1919.00). We donated $1656.00 in items to Ascension and Sacred Heart Churches, the Bastrop Police Department, the Bastrop County Sheriff Department, BISD, Bastrop Food Pantry, the Bastrop Public Library, the Boys and Girls Club, the Animal Shelter, Blue Santa Christmas Programs, Hope House, and CASA. We survived the pandemic and reopened our thrift store, and this last year we joined the Knights in holding a food drive.

Our membership now stands at 69 members and four volunteers. Because of the love and support of the citizens of the Bastrop area—both church and community—2022 was a success. Our group donated over 15,000 hours to charity work.

We hold bi-monthly meetings, starting with Deacon Corby offering a Communion Service followed by recitation of the rosary. We then adjourn to the parish hall for refreshments and the Ladies of Charity meeting.

We held a Volunteer Luncheon in February 2022 and a very successful Day of Reflection given by Deacon Corby Weiss in October. In December we collected 148 gifts for the local nursing homes for Christmas and delivered flowers to our members and volunteers who were in the nursing homes or homebound.

The Sunshine Committee kept a constant flow of birthday, healing, and sympathy cards going to our members. Masses and Clerical Endowments were requested. We prepared baskets for the festivals at Ascension and Sacred Heart churches and found items for the Ascension live auctions. Three scholarships were awarded to local students: $600.00, $400.00, and $200.00.

We regularly donate baby items to Gifts for the Unborn. We have continued giving to Madagascar and Haiti and the Hands Up High men’s shelter. Our excess clothing is sent to Charity Shoes and Clothing for distribution in third-world countries.

Christmas Luncheon 2022. Source:

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