AIC Training Reflection September-October 2022

Dear AIC volunteer friends,

The three training reflections for September-October, November-December and January-February aim to prepare the XXII International Assembly of AIC Delegates that will be held in Rome in March 2023. In order to best prepare ourselves for this assembly, we will follow a methodology proposed by Father Naranjo, who will be one of the speakers at the assembly.

The methodology has three phases:

  • The preparation of the assembly: Listening
  • The assembly itself: Discernment
  • The impact of the assembly: evangelizing Ripple Effect.

This methodology is presented in more detail in the attached training reflection and will also be used for the next two reflections and during the assembly.

The first training reflection, for the months of September-October, deals with sustainable development. It will teach you more about climate change, the Sustainable Development Goals and what each of us can do in our daily lives to protect our common home.

Best wishes,

Rose and Guille
(Rose de Lima Ramanankavana and Guillermina Vergara Macip)

2022-09-AIC-Training Reflection-Sustainable Development-EN

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