2022 National Assembly – Photos, Videos, Presentations!

Please visit the link below to see the photos, videos, and presentations from this year’s National Assembly in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Go to the assembly page

Co-chairs Susan Unbehaun and Lisa Daley, thank you and all of the committee for making the Knoxville Assembly such a wonderful event!


I too want to MOST sincerely thank all those involved with the planning of our Assembly. It was just WONDERFUL! Not only did I really enjoy the presentations, but the level of detail for practically every facet was mind boggling to me! Thank you SO much for all of the effort. These gatherings are so important to keep our organizations cognizant and caring for each other.

Many blessings to all,

Kathy Kavanaugh

One thought on “2022 National Assembly – Photos, Videos, Presentations!

  1. Thank you for the wonderful memories. The pictures portray the wonderful bond among all who attended.

    See you next year in Buffalo!

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