Vegetable Garden – LOC St. Matthias Apostle Parish, Lanham MD

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by Jeannette Davis

Praise the Lord, we have just harvested our first vegetables from our very own garden for the season. With the blessings and hard work of Ramon Lomosbog (LOC Esperanza’s husband), the land was prepared and the seeds were planted. Fresh produce is on its way!

Our own LOC President, Arlene Taylor, harvested five grocery bags of kale along with bags of mint picked by Ramon. A handful of asparagus, green onions and strawberries were handpicked as tasters and shared with those in need of food from our pantry this past Friday.

In June, lettuce, zucchini, and cilantro will be ready to add to our pantry bags. Okra and ampalaya (bitter gourds) will be ready in July and by the end of September, corn and potatoes will be ready as well.

With the help of the LOC members who volunteered to help work in the garden, we are able to add these fresh produce to our Friday pantry bags.

Thanks to all who helped in any way. We are truly a family at St. Matthias the Apostle Church.

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