Ladies of Charity Caregiving Suspends Its Caregiving Work

It is with deep regret that Ladies of Charity Caregiving, Inc. has suspended its operations at our branch office in Pittsburgh, PA. As many know, we worked very hard to successfully launch our Caregiving endeavor by establishing our own non-profit organization, secured licensing and funding, hired staff and caregivers, provided mentors, and so much more. We have excellent testimonials from caregivers and families we served and so enjoyed our work. Ladies of Charity in Pittsburgh and their Advisory Committee provided much valuable support, and we were looking forward to expanding in Kansas City, working with a most enthusiastic group of Ladies there.

Indeed, we were progressing well… until COVID-19 arrived! Our growth was slowed substantially with so many families caring for their loved ones due to the fear of COVID infection, while they worked at home. We await a future business environment that is more accommodating to a small business such as ours.

Please feel free to peruse our website, learn about our unique model that is rooted in faith and a 400 year commitment to our neighbors in need. It is who we are! You are welcome to contact us with questions or request we keep you abreast of our latest Ladies of Charity Caregiving news by “subscribing” on the bottom of the page. We will continue to be available to you through the website.

We are grateful for all the prayers and support. Please continue to pray for this endeavor.

The following video keeps our story alive. Please take a few minutes to reflect on all we accomplished together!

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