AIC Training Reflection – Autumn 2019 – Being a Leader in AIC

AIC: Training Reflections – Autumn 2019 – Being a Leader in AIC – Topic 1: A Mission, A Service, in the light of the Gospel and Topic 2: A Commitment Following in Saint Vincent’s Footsteps

Dear Friends,

It is our pleasure to send you this… training reflection on the important topic of leadership.

We hope that all the AIC volunteers will be able to study it in their respective groups to make the most of this training that could be very useful in our service with the most disadvantaged people.

May the Lord bless you and may Saint Vincent and Saint Louise intercede for us.

Alicia and Maru
(Alicia Duhne and María Eugenia Magallanes Negrete)

2019 10_Training Reflection Leadership_1_EN

Download PDF (Part 1)

2019 11_Training Reflection_Leadership_2_EN

Download PDF (Part 2)

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