Spotlight on Buffalo, NY Junior Ladies of Charity

The Junior Ladies of Charity of Buffalo shared photos from some of their winter projects: first, the JLOC in December wrapping gifts for refugee families and assembling household gift bags for young mothers in transitional housing.

Click to enlarge photos.

Here they are at Ronald McDonald House preparing a meal for the residents on 12/27/18.

And here they are making Valentines for 2nd graders in an inner city school and for local nursing home residents. Great work, Ladies! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Spotlight on Buffalo, NY Junior Ladies of Charity

  1. Keep up the good work!!! Always happy to hear about your service to those in need. A special thanks to your moderators who continue to lead you in the way of faith and service.

  2. I’m pleased to be a member of the Buffalo Ladies of Charity who provide leadership for the Junior members. Many of the Junior members will continue their ministry to the poor throughout their life.

  3. So proud of these young people for being the hands & feet of Christ…such a great, visible example of what gospel living is all about!

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