Ladies of Charity Caregiving, Inc. Hires Sandra Jurani As First Executive Director

by Kathy Kavanaugh, LOC Caregiving, Inc. Board Member

Sandra Jurani, Caregiving Executive Director

Sandra Jurani is a leader and skilled administrator with a passion for the mission of Ladies of Charity Caregiving, Inc. She will begin as the first National Executive Director at the end of February.

LOC Caregiving has chosen Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as the first site to initiate their innovative homecare agency, with plans to eventually identify and serve additional sites around the country. There are approximately 1500 Ladies of Charity in the Pittsburgh area, many of whom are committed to act as mentors, embolden our mission, and support the project in various ways. There is great enthusiasm in the Pittsburgh area and Sandra is ready to provide leadership as we begin to operationalize our model of Vincentian Caregiving. She will work with a local branch office administrator who will oversee this location and together they will build on the significant work that has already been accomplished.

For the past ten years Sandra has been a senior and executive level leader providing financial and operational growth through strategic planning and project facilitation in the health care market. She has provided innovative and fiscally sound practices and leadership as Director of Operations for Cadence Health System, an independent physician practice management company in Geneva, Illinois, and Vice President, Chief Operations Officer for Alegis Care, a subsidiary of Cigna, a Fortune 100 company headquartered in Chicago which provides in-home physician services.

Sandra enjoyed being in a position of leadership in these companies but is excited to work in the non-profit arena where goals are more in-line with her current interests. “I had been working in Chicago when my mother became quite ill and my daughter and I came home to the Kansas City area to care for her. During this time I learned a lot about the value of caregiving work. When I saw this position posted, I felt I was being called to direct my talents to this work. I am excited about making a difference in the lives of a community. In addition, the dedication, intelligence and mission of both the Ladies of Charity Caregiving Board and local Pittsburgh Ladies of Charity who are working in the office was instrumental in my decision to accept the position.”

When asked about which strengths of hers she thought would be most valuable, she replied, “decision making, mentoring and challenging people.” Sandra does her best to follow her “Dana principle” (based on a former employee): “Let her (or him) blossom where she (or he) grows best.” In addition, mutual accountability where everyone is valued and becomes part of a team is a core principle of her leadership style. Hopefully soon, Sandra will be heading to Pittsburgh to meet with the staff and the various Ladies of Charity who have spent a great deal of time preparing for this venture. She is also looking forward to starting other Caregiving sites in the United States, and exploring the idiosyncrasies, priorities, fears, and needs of the various Ladies of Charity host associations. Sandra brings an impressive store of energy, wisdom, and knowledge of several critical organizational areas, including fiscal accountability and team building. She summarizes her goal with: “Together we will create a Best Practice”!

Ladies of Charity is most grateful to welcome Sandra Jurani to our team.

3 thoughts on “Ladies of Charity Caregiving, Inc. Hires Sandra Jurani As First Executive Director

  1. Congratulations Sandra!! Wish you the best as you join the Ladies of Charity Caregiving Mission to serve those who need help and support as they face each day’s challenges. Look forward to meeting you and following the path of the caregiving work that will begin in the Pittsburgh area.

  2. It was such a joy to be able to share Mass and lunch with you. We look forward to all you are bringing to our organization as we continue to reach out to others in need through this newest venture – the Ladies of Charity Caregiving, Inc and its first site in Pennsylvania. I am sure the Ladies there are even more excited than we are !! Our prayers from across the Kansas City area are continually with you as you embark on this new Vincentian journey with Pittsburgh.
    Peace be with You !

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