Meeting of the New Vincentian Family Task Force on the Transmission of the Charism

This article originally appeared on Famvin News. Lady of Charity Mary Nell Williams, Vice President North Central Region, serves on this Task Force.

From December 4-6, 2018, a newly formed Vincentian Family Task Force on the “Transmission of the Charism” met in the Vincentian Family Office in Philadelphia. They were mandated by the Vincentian Family Executive Committee to develop recommendations that would assist in the transitioning of the charism, the mission, and the ministry of institutions from religious to lay leadership. It is hoped that these recommendations can be used in the initial process of transition and also as a way to monitor the continued growth of the charism under lay leadership. It is understood that these recommendations must be culturally and contextually adapted in order to be effective.

Task Force Members: Mark Choonara, Operations Manager, Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul (DCSVP) Services, Brenda Hermann, MSBT, Marty Martin, Depaul University, Sharon Richardt, DC, Rene Stockman, BC, Bernard Tracey, CM, Mary Nell Williams, Vice President North Central Region, LCUSA, and the VFO Team (Fr. Joe Agostino, CM, Sr. Marge Clifford, DC, and Fr. Flavio Pereira Tercero, CM).

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