LCUSA Begins Exciting New Initiative: The Caregiving Project

As we look to the future after celebrating the 400th anniversary of our founding by St. Vincent de Paul, the Ladies of Charity USA, collaborating with local associations, seeks to establish a Home Care Agency. The purpose of this project is to provide for the spiritual and corporal needs of persons who are sick, elderly and disabled in their homes, while helping people to exit the chains of poverty.

We will provide comprehensive training for caregivers, offering them a quality career opportunity. Ladies of Charity will provide more than just care; we aim to provide holistic care in the home for the elderly, sick and disabled by establishing a relationship of trust and reciprocity between the caregiver and the person needing care.

One thought on “LCUSA Begins Exciting New Initiative: The Caregiving Project

  1. this is good, there are many out there that need this help, both the care givers and those who are being cared for, this situation is very hard on family members, they do not know which way to turn. I fully support this effort, I wish that i had this kind of aid when my husband was ill, After he passed, I was the one that became ill because of the stress that i went through during his illness. It is very hard to care for an ill person, take care of family and keep your job.

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