Kathleen Sieracki Steps Down as Editor of Servicette

by Kathy Kavanaugh

For the past 6 years Kathleen Sieracki has given a great gift to each of us as Ladies of Charity. Her ability to select a theme and “hunt and gather” stories from our associations around the United States and often re-write them with her valuable editing talent contributed to creating outstanding issues of the Servicette. Following a recent survey, readership of the Servicette was extremely high and it remains our most popular means of communication for LOC.

We are most indebted to Kathleen for the countless hours she devoted to bringing to each of us the heart and essence of what it means to serve as a Lady of Charity. The camaraderie and inspiration provided has been profound and made for reading “cover to cover” commonplace. Please join me in saying thank you, Kathleen, for so effectively sharing your remarkable talent, sense of humor, and your insightful heart. We have been truly enriched.

We wish Irene Siedlarczyk all the best as she calls upon her fine intelligence and editing skills to continue to offer each of us this fine publication.

9 thoughts on “Kathleen Sieracki Steps Down as Editor of Servicette

  1. Thank you, Kathy, for your wonderful skills to make our Servicette a wonderful reading & learning tool for LCUSA. Irene, best wishes for your intelligence & editing skills to continue making our Servicette a great tool for us ladies.

  2. Dear Kathy,

    It was a real pleasure working with you. Your expertise, commitment and integrity as editor of our Servicette was exemplified in your work. You will be missed. I wish you the very best in your next endeavor, whatever that might be.

    Rita. L Robinson

  3. It was a pleasure to work with Kathy. Under her direction, the Servicette grew by leaps and bound and she never stopped trying to make it better. It now seems appropriate that I returned to do the layout for her last issue. I wish Irene Siedlarczyk and the new designer all the best as they continue to promote the wonderful work of the Ladies of Charity USA.

    Elena Miranda

  4. Thanks Kathy for your important work as Servicette Editor. A job well done and a person well thought of by all members of the Ladies of Charity and Vincentian Family. Your talent touched everyone you served as editor. Enjoy the break!!!

    Irene, best wishes in your new position as Servicette Editor.

  5. The continued excellence of Servicette as a communication tool has been the province of Kathy … and I know that Irene will continue the tradition. LOC members appreciate the dedication of the Board and the Editor to keep us informed and united.

  6. As a new member I have enjoyed seeing the way other groups around the country serve. The magazine is well done, colorful and informative.
    Thanks for the great service you have given to make such a good publication

  7. Kathy, Is a true gem for the National Ladies of Charity, as well as here in the Diocese of Buffalo.
    Everything she touches turns to gold. The newsletter has the true journalistic feel and grasp on our issues ,no wonder it has become the “go to” read for all of us.
    Thank you Kathy for all you do.
    Eileen Nowak
    Director Ladies of Charity/Buffalo NY

  8. Dear Kathleen,
    The Servicette is one of the most powerful means of communication, connecting all of us and our
    services around the USA. The substance is super. I thank you for the special editing talent you displayed in the Servicette. I enjoy reading it.

  9. Thank you Kathleen for all that you contribute to our organization. It is always my pleasure to cross paths with you.

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