The Spotlight is “ON”!

spotlight-graphic-sidebarAt our 2016 Assembly, we told everyone about Association Spotlight, a hopefully fun initiative to celebrate stories and pictures that our associations submit to be published in the Servicette, our website or Facebook. Check it out. Look on our website,, and you will see a big, colorful spotlight. Select it and you will see a series of spotlights across the United States map. Each light represents a story and picture an association has submitted. Go ahead and get your association up in lights! Everyone has a great story to tell, so send it to us by contacting our home office at

Within a week, when you press the spotlight on the map, your story and association will appear! The longer stories will be suitable for the Servicette, while the shorter ones will be on the website and/or on Facebook. Either way, your light will be turned on!

When sending in your pictures, select the largest format that is possible on your camera/phone. If they come to us too small, they can’t be used in the Servicette format.

Don’t be the last to submit a story, and remember, you can keep submitting; we will publish all! Photo releases are on the website under “resources” (Media Consent Form).

Join in and we’ll get every association “lit” in celebration of our 400th Anniversary in 2017! Click here to see the spotlight map.

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