The Daughters and The Ladies Gather for Some Fun!

Kathy Kavanaugh dinner
A wonderful gathering of the Daughters of Charity, the Ladies of Charity, leadership from three of the Albany, NY area associations and Buffalo, NY took place in June at the home of Kathy Kavanaugh, a member of LCUSA as well as the Albany association. Originally, the goal was to save Kathleen Sieracki, the LCUSA Northeast Regional Vice President, from having to travel to all of the area associations in the greater Albany area to meet everyone while she was in town visiting Sr. Mary Grace Higgins, a former Buffalo, NY spiritual moderator who now resides at the DePaul House in the Albany area. Kathleen and two other LOC traveled from Buffalo and were only in town a few days. This mission was surely accomplished, but so much more!

Presidents, presidents-elect, membership representing associations in Albany, Saratoga, and Schenectady seemed to thoroughly enjoy getting to know each other, shared details about wonderful association activities, AND even began talking about a joint project as well as how we might celebrate the LOC 400th Anniversary together! Sr. Denise Williams, spiritual moderator for Albany and Sr. Mary Grace offered delightful stories and insights, as did the very enjoyable members of the Buffalo association.

Everyone parted for home feeling enthused to gather again.

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