Monthly Reflections on the AIC Charter document

In preparation for the 400th anniversary of the International Association of Charities (AIC), a new AIC document, the AIC Charter, has been drafted. This document will replace the Basic Document, published in 1981 and updated in 2001. The document is based on “what drives the AIC”.

The document is composed of 3 chapters. The AIC is providing a series of monthly reflections on the Charter. The first three installments are now available. (Click here) We encourage you to study them and reflect on them together with your local association.

4 thoughts on “Monthly Reflections on the AIC Charter document

  1. Thank you for sharing the AIC Charter. We hope LCUSA volunteers find it useful and enjoy reading it, your feedback is more than welcome. We will continue to release a reflection every month. Wishing you all a lovely summer!

  2. Dear Theresa,

    The monthly reflections are not currently being posted on the AIC International website. However we would be delighted to send them to you directly every month. All you need to do is send the AIC International Secretariat an email request. Our address is:

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

  3. THANK YOU Kathy Sieracki for responding to me several days ago.
    Ladies, at the bottom of the LCUSA homepage, look under AIC News.
    Also, the AIC modules will be “rolled out” with our President’s Postings
    (thank you Mary Ann).

    God Bless,

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