Reflections on LCUSA Board Meeting in Evansville, Indiana

Early morning rising at the break of day
watching the sun peek over the horizon
while speeding on busy highways.
Arriving at the airport, kissing good-bye;
Families – men, women, young and old,
rushing to wait in line.
Marching onward to places unknown (by me).

Arriving at my destination
being met and transported by an angel
to Mater Dei.
A retreat and Spiritual Center:
quiet, restful, tranquil!
Coming to be with dedicated, focused women,
Coming to do the work of Ladies of Charity,
Meeting, planning, plotting, executing, defining;
goals, aspirations, and strategic planning.
Looking toward the future,
Preserving the past.

Rising early for spiritual reinforcement,
working, eating, working, eating,
Exhausted by ten and falling into deep sleep
only to repeat the following day.
Work completed, friendships solidified,
Knowing that next year
The saga will be repeated, again,
And again!

Dr. Rita L. Robinson

Executive Board Meeting
April, 2014


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