New Strategic Plan Developed

During its spring meeting in April, the LCUSA Board of Directors, aided by facilitator Karen DeHais, worked through a multi-step process to develop a new strategic plan which will provide a framework for activities over the next five years. The board had been working under a previous plan put in place in 2006.

The five strategic goals are (the numbering is arbitrary, not in order of importance):

Goal One: Develop a process that will deepen spirituality for members.

Goal Two: Increase communication and visibility of Ladies of Charity locally, nationally and internationally.

Goal Three: Increase membership through personal invitation and strategic use of social media.

Goal Four: Grow and diversify funding for the Ladies of Charity, nationally and locally and sustain fiscal responsibility.

Goal Five: Engage the national board and membership in advocacy, especially on behalf of women and children living in poverty.

The five goals established in the plan and a series of associated objectives were presented at the recently completed national assembly, and members had the opportunity to provide their input during a series of five round table discussions. Members of each goal committee were divided among three tables, and those present at the assembly were able to choose a table for a 12 minute discussion and then move on. Discussion topics were: A) Do you think the strategic priorities goal is complete? What would you add or change? B) What activities would you suggest the board prioritize to reach this goal in 3-5 years? C) How can the local associations contribute?

Local association presidents will have a chance to comment on the strategic goals. Their participation is important and meaningful to LCUSA’s future. Look for this mailing in the near future.



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