Vincentian Spiritual Moderator Formation


The Spirituality Committee of the LCUSA National Board held their first virtual (online) annual formation session for lay Vincentian spiritual moderators in November 2021.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to become more acquainted with the beginnings of the Ladies of Charity and learn more about our patron saints and past history. It is most important that we keep instructing and leading our members in the Vincentian charism. All who feel the call are welcome to attend.

If you have the desire and wish to receive more information about attending the session, e-mail or call the office 816-260-3853 and leave your name and contact information; someone will be in touch to answer any of your questions.



The traditional six-month training process involves:

  1. the Lady of Charity ‘called’ to be ‘a Vincentian Spiritual Moderator’;
  2. a Daughter of Charity or Vincentian priest, that journeys with her for six months, meeting twice a month;
  3. it also includes the approval of the Association, she is currently with, for the training and, upon her completion of the process, a celebration service is given by the Association as she returns as their ‘Vincentian Spiritual Moderator.’