There are two types of memberships for the Ladies of Charity USA (LCUSA).

Association membership is affiliation with a local chartered association and the International Association of Charities (AIC). Members serve together (or independently) in a wide range of service activities to support LCUSA’s mission. Please click here for a partial listing of work we are currently involved with. Members participate in prayer and spiritual activities; attend local association meetings and when possible LCUSA’s national assembly; report service hours to the regional vice-president and submit dues annually (set by each association, but typically around $30-$40). Members receive LCUSA’s newsletter (Servicette) quarterly.

Most women join an Association in their area. For a list of these associations and a map, please click here. If you are interested in joining an association, please contact the LCUSA office: or 816-260-3853. If you are interested in starting a new association, use this form: Application for New Charter (download pdf file).

If an association membership does not meet your needs, you may become an Individual Member.

Individual membership accommodates persons who support the mission of LCUSA but have no accessible local association nearby; or who are actively recruiting members in new areas; or whose association has dissolved but wishes to continue affiliation with LCUSA. Membership includes affiliating with an established LCUSA region and registering with the regional vice-president; participating in service and/or prayer and spiritual activities; paying LCUSA’s annual dues; reporting service and/or prayer hours annually to the regional vice-president by February.

Please click here to download an Individual Membership Application.

For more information, please see Our History, and Becoming a Lady of Charity.

Junior Ladies of Charity

Girls who are interested in the work of the Ladies of Charity may join a Junior Ladies of Charity association. For Junior Ladies of Charity Forms and Resources, please click here.