News from Ladies of Charity of Montgomery, Alabama

St. Jude Ladies of Charity, Montgomery, Alabama. Pictured: Pastor, Reverend Andrew B. Jones, President Dorothy Robinson, Parliamentarian Yvonne Elmore, and Treasurer Patricia Hanshaw. Officers not Pictured: Vice-President Allyson Holland, Recording Secretary Winona Nelson, Correspondence Secretary Lillie Brown, Chaplain Gwendolyn Lover, and other faithful and devoted members of the organization.

Members of the Ladies of Charity of Montgomery graciously prepared and delivered gift baskets and a love offering to Senior Ladies of Charity members unable to attend Mass and LOC meetings.

Submitted by Patricia Hanshaw

3 thoughts on “News from Ladies of Charity of Montgomery, Alabama

  1. So great to hear from the Montgomery AL Ladies of Charity. God has blessed your work for so many years. Thankful & grateful for each of you as you continue to serve everyone around you. So many great memories on our visit to your association several years ago. I value that visit as I am sure Mary Kay Murray does. Keep up the good work!!

    1. So glad to hear from LOC’s Montgomery. You association has always amazed. I do remember being with Lucy and our great reception
      and tour. Look forward to seeing you and the Montgomery ladies in Buffalo.

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