Sharing Messages From the Heart

Always exploring new and needed ways to further serve those in our church community, the Saint Matthias Ladies of Charity initiated the Cordial Communicator.

The Cordial Communicator is a bi-monthly message board comprised of short written submissions from parishioners to parishioners. Messages may include, but are not limited to: birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, wed-dings, notes of appreciation and upcoming events, get well wishes, condolences and notices of deaths. Each publication contains from 10 to 20 submissions printed on card-stock and inserted in the Sunday bulletin. The idea was initially a fundraiser for LOC to maintain regular monetary support for the remarkably busy food pantry and the ever-growing number of requests for financial aid and assistance from individuals, families, church-based and community organizations. However, the incoming donations have not proven to be sufficient. Yet, the many positive responses received from not only fellow parishioners, but also visitors and extended family members have been encouraging.

Since our first printing in May of 2022, we have printed over 5,000 issues! In addition to the general content for submissions, LOC has invited parishioners to write messages acknowledging specific themes and holidays. For instance, in May, Mother’s Day; in June, Father’s Day and Graduations; in July and August, St. Matthias Church’s 60th Anniversary; in October, Power of the Rosary; in November, Being Grateful; and, in December, Our Gift to God.

As proposed, The Cordial Communicator is a Ladies of Charity group supported program that has a one-year trial run. In May of 2023, we will revisit the project and determine whether to continue. Regardless of that decision, it is apparent that this spiritually motivating publication is having a wonderfully positive bonding impact on our Saint Matthias church community.

Submitted by:
Arlene Taylor, President
St. Matthias the Apostle LOC
Archdiocese of Washington

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