AIC Training Reflection – Migration, Trafficking and Homelessness – January 2023

Dear AIC volunteer friends,

We are sharing with you the training reflection for the months of January to March. This is the third and final reflection aimed at preparing our next AIC International Assembly of Delegates. The reflection deals with migration, human trafficking and homelessness.

In order to enrich our debates during the assembly, we would like to remind you that it is important to share opinions in your groups beforehand, and to answer the questions included in the last three training reflections, as we will address these themes during the assembly:

Sustainable development (Reflection for September-October 2022),
Post-pandemic poverty (Reflection for November-December 2022),
Migration, trafficking and homelessness (Reflection for January-March 2023).

We therefore invite you to gather as many results as possible from your discussions on these themes, to write them down and bring them to Rome so that you can share them during the workshops.

It is important to take into account all the points of view of your members, including those who cannot come to Rome.

Hoping you will enjoy reading this training reflection and preparing for our next assembly, we look forward to seeing you soon,

Best wishes,

Rose and Guille
(Rose de Lima Ramanankavana and Guillermina Vergara Macip)

2023-01-AIC-Training reflection-Migration-Trafficking-Homelessness-ENDownload PDF

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