Ladies of Charity of Salt Lake City – Holiday Bazaar is Back

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Submitted by Lori Donnester, LOC of Salt Lake City

Tulips are one of my favorite flowers. My yard is a testament to that. Interestingly, they fold up at night to protect their pollen and unfold as the morning sun rises.

COVID caused the world to fold up. Many traditions were cancelled over the past two years. The Salt Lake City Ladies of Charity Holiday Bazaar was one of them. But, like a beautiful tulip, it reopened on November 12 and 13. At 2 PM on the 12th, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church, was bustling with ladies setting out items to be sold. We worked together to unload, set up tables and tables of treasures, and then started pricing them for sale. After the 5 PM Mass, parishioners came down to the social hall, browsed through goodies, and lined up to buy.

Sunday morning we had a tasty breakfast including pancakes, eggs, and bacon. We also celebrated Father Anil’s birthday with a big cake and a big song.

Eating, shopping, laughing, and singing. What a great way to raise money for feeding families who need help. God’s sun shone down on Ladies of Charity at Our Lady of Lourdes and let us reopen to share our love.

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