LOC To Participate in Vincentian Gatherings Being Held for Feast of St. Vincent de Paul

Local chapters of the Ladies of Charity are joining with other Vincentian Family branches in their area to gather and celebrate the Feast of St. Vincent de Paul, as part of regional “Vincentian Experiences” across the country. Here are two examples:

SJU LOC Tag Sale – Support for the Ukraine

The Ladies of Charity of St. John’s University have begun preparations for their September 24, 2022 Tag Sale on the St. John’s Campus. The money raised will support the Vincentian Fathers, Daughters of Charity, and other Vincentian family members working in the Ukrainian relief effort. For more about the St. John’s U. Vincentian Family Gathering which also includes the Junior Ladies of Charity, click here.

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LOC of Metro Kansas City

The Ladies of Charity of Kansas City shared that a Kansas City Vincentian Family Gathering will be held on October 8.

Please share what’s happening in your area

Please use the hashtag #wearevincentian to view the gatherings and projects being held across North America to celebrate the Feast of St. Vincent de Paul or to post your chapter’s photos and videos on social media. And contact us to let us know as well.

These regional gatherings are leading up to a larger North American gathering of the Vincentian Family October 26-29, 2023 on the campus of DePaul University. The international group Gen Verde will be joining and co-facilitating this Vincentian Family experience. Stay tuned on Tuesday September 27, the Feast of St. Vincent de Paul, for the announcement of the theme of the 2023 gathering.

Please visit this link for a video about Gen Verde and their contribution and special composition for St. Vincent’s feast day.

– Shared by Kitty Prager

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