LOC Kansas City Beneficiaries Tour

On October 8th we were able to take some of our new members on a tour to three of our four beneficiaries. We started at Villa St. Francis. The Villa had a wonderful breakfast for the ladies. Then Amanda Myers, with Villa St. Francis, gave us a tour of the facilities and explained some of their volunteer needs. They then loaned us one of their busses and a wonderful driver to take us to Seton Center. At Seton Center we were welcomed by Cynthia Hoffman who explained all the wonderful services they provide to their community and the many needs that they have for our volunteers.

Our last, but not least, stop was at Cristo Rey High School. Our new members were very impressed with the wonderful contribution they make for the youth in our city. Some of our new members have already started working with them. After all the issues with COVID, we were finally able to have a successful tour and our new ladies really enjoyed it as well!

2 thoughts on “LOC Kansas City Beneficiaries Tour

  1. Thank you Susan, it is an integral part of our new member orientation here in Kansas City .. Seeing where we work and what we do was very beneficial to those attending.

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