Please Vote For Funding For the CORA Shelter Project

Lady of Charity, Marie Fouche
Marie Fouche is a Lady of Charity at St. John’s University and her project, in a rural area in the south of Haiti, is amazing! Please support this project, CORA, by voting and asking others to join this effort. Marie writes:

“I need your help and support for a shelter project near to my heart… With a click on the computer, you can vote to give CORA the chance to receive $150,000 in the Investor Tank Competition sponsored by HRA and USAID.”


The organization CORA is in the group of projects under Shelter.

What is this project?

– Provide 30 young adults with experience in construction regardless of their field of study (masonry, electricity, plumbing) during a 4-week internship. These young people will gain knowledge and skills in construction with standards while under the supervision of a group of teachers and a civil engineer expert. By collaborating with other classmates, they will learn how to work effectively in teams to repair a distressed house. They will be receiving a stipend and protective gear for this assignment. At the end of the project, they will be evaluated and provided with recommendations for employment.

– 10 lightly to moderately distressed houses from the community for low-income owners will be selected. These houses which withstood this August 14 earthquake will be reinforced to resist future natural disasters (earthquakes and hurricanes). The homeowners will provide financial contribution according to their means and/or sweat equity. They will also learn about maintenance for their home and environment. They will also be trained in the protocols to borrow tools from the community tools bank in order to perform necessary neighborhood cleanup.

What are the benefits? The young people will be able to find opportunity for jobs within the area; the homeowners besides a repaired house, will know how to upkeep their homes and neighborhood; both the homeowners and the Centre Juvenile will have access to the tools bank for community work and class instructions.

Please have friends and other people vote for CORA. The votes count for 25% of our score. You will have five days to vote for CORA: October 27 to October 31. CORA is in the third group of projects under Shelter.


The organization CORA is in the group of projects under Shelter.

In addition to Marie Fouche’s committment to Cora, she has served on the FAMVIN Hatian Project steering committee and as the Spiritual Moderator for the Ladies of Charity at SJU.

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