LOC of Binghamton, NY Children’s Program

The Ladies of Charity in Binghamton, N.Y. have several missions within their chapter. One of these is their Children’s Program where they provide clothing and personal care items to nine elementary schools in the area.

“This endeavor has been a part of our group for many years. The clothing is purchased new and distributed to the schools. The purpose is to provide extra clothing in the event of mishaps during the school day. We have a committee of women who are assigned a school and they then contact the respective school nurse to discuss present needs. Once the items are purchased, they are then delivered to the school. The nurse and the representative from LOC exchange their information in the event there are additional needs during the school year. Clothing items include underwear, socks, pants, tops, sweatshirts or sweaters and personal care items.

We received the Hager Grant in December of 2020 and are most appreciative of the generosity from the National Ladies of Charity. We have been able to help many children in our area.”

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