Call For AIC Projects To Combat Violence Against Women (Delva Prize 2021)

The Claire and Jean Delva Prize 2021 (between 2,000 and 5,000 Euros) will reward one or more AIC projects designed to fight against violence against women.


  • To participate, send the attached form, duly completed and signed by the National President and the person responsible for the project presented, to the AIC International Secretariat (
  • Deadline for submission: 27th September 2021
  • Announcement of the results: 25th November 2021, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Download Application Form



One in three women in the world is a victim of violence. With the COVID-19 pandemic, violence against women and girls has intensified worldwide. The measures adopted to face the pandemic have further isolated victims of domestic violence and prevented them from accessing the people and resources that can help them. (UN Women)

We can change this situation and make a difference. Everyone has a role to play!

The Claire and Jean Delva Prize is intended to support AIC initiatives to combat violence against women. It is fully in line with AIC’s commitment. AIC is convinced that fighting against all forms of violence suffered by women removes an obstacle to their empowerment and strengthens responses to the poverty they experience.

We are launching the call for projects this year in a very specific context: since the beginning of the pandemic, data and reports show that all types of violence against women and girls have increased, especially domestic violence, following the compulsory lockdown measures decreed in most countries. “This is the Shadow Pandemic growing amidst the COVID-19 crisis and we need a global collective effort to stop it.” (

AIC therefore urges you to participate in this mobilisation by:


  • Promoting in your associations prevention, awareness and training activities aimed at improving the condition of women who are victims of violence;
  • Developing activities to support, welcome and care for women who are victims of violence;
  • Including a specific element on combating violence against women in projects tackling poverty.

Let’s be inventive and take action!

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