AIC Reflection on Intra-Family Violence

As many of you are probably already aware, one very unfortunate consequence of the pandemic has been a concerning rise in intra-family violence, which affects millions of women around the world every day.

In June, we launched the Claire and Jean Delva Prize 2021, a call for projects addressing this kind of violence. The attached training reflection, to be studied during the months of July and August, is also dedicated to this very topical issue.

As AIC volunteers, we should be vigilant and able to identify victims of violence. We should also support them, encourage them and look together with them for help and solutions, so that they can take the right steps to end the violent situation.

Our training reflection begins by looking at the extent and the causes of intra-family violence in the context of the pandemic. It goes on to examine how cases of violence can be identified and prevented, as well as how victims can be protected. We hope it will help you identify how best to support victims of violence that you may encounter in your Vincentian work.

May St Vincent and St Louise accompany us in our efforts to combat intra-family violence.

– AIC International Secretariat

2021-07-08-AIC-Training Reflection-Intra-Family Violence-Pandemic-EN
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