Thursday, March 18: Webinar On Empowering “Hidden Homeless”

Have you thought about “Hidden Homeless” women?

Hidden Homelessness women live in insecure housing, often because of situations of violence.

An online event coming up next week explores this issue and suggests what must be done to move these women from trauma to empowerment!

“Hidden Homelessness: From Trauma To Empowerment”
Thursday, March 18, 2021
11 am ET (New York)

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Sponsored by the Daughters of Charity, Congregation of the Mission, AIC, Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Sisters of Charity Federation, and UNANIMA International.

“Continuing to encourage the international conversation on the global problem of homelessness, AIC and the other four Vincentian NGOs, along with UNAMINA International, will cohost an event on Thursday March 18 at 11:00AM (New York EST) entitled: Hidden Homelessness: From Trauma to Empowerment, offering information on women living in insecure housing and sharing good solutions and outcomes.”

Brief bios of the webinar moderator and speakers:

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