AIC Video Series for Feast of St. Vincent: Humility

Dear volunteers,

Today we are happy to send you three video reflections on the Vincentian virtue of humility: Fr. Robert Maloney, CM: in English; Fr. Bernard Massarini, CM (AIC International Spiritual Advisor) in French; and Fr. Benjamín Romo, CM in Spanish.

You will also find the texts of all three videos attached in English so that you can understand what is being said in the other languages.

We remain united in prayer as the Feast of St Vincent approaches,

Rose de Lima Ramanankavana, International President and the AIC Training Team

2020 09-SVP Feast-Humility-Fr. Robert Maloney
Download PDF

2020 09-SVP Feast-Humility-Fr. Bernard Massarini
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2020 09-SVP Feast-Humility-Fr. Benjamin Romo
Download PDF

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