“The Holy Spirit Led Us To This Place”: LOC Lake Travis New Thrift Shop

LOC Lake Travis Board of Directors
Twenty-nine years ago, the Ladies of Charity-Lake Travis Chapter (LOC-LT) was founded by 36 women. Today, it is the largest provider of aid in the Lake Travis ISD area, providing over $3,000,000 in financial support and over $3,000,000 in in-kind donations to numerous charities.

The Thrift Shop outgrew three shop locations over the years and with ever increasing rental costs, the LOC-LT took a leap of faith and built their own shop. “Four years ago, the Ladies of Charity-Lake Travis were called by the Holy Spirit to reach beyond our capabilities and place our trust in Him,” said LOC-LT President, Carol Nex. “We were a group of women who knew how to operate a very successful business, but we had no knowledge of land purchasing and building, but we knew in our hearts that we were being called by God to move forward,” Nex stated. A quiet Dedication (due to COVID limitations) was held in late August; the shop officially opened to the public on September 2, 2020. Masks and physical distancing are required.

LOC Artist Theresa Martin and Painting
The LOC-LT commissioned a painting to honor the Holy Spirit with their gratitude for His guidance throughout this journey. Local watercolor artist and Thrift Shop volunteer, Theresa Martin, stands beneath her painting with the words “The Holy Spirit Led Us To This Place” at the entrance of the new shop.

LOC Shari Bauer with prayer request box

Opposite the painting will be rotating monthly exhibits of local artists, holiday traditions, charitable organizations, lives of the saints, etc. that serve as a base for a stunning prayer request box, where shoppers are invited to place their prayer intentions. Shari Bauer, creator of the displays and prayer request box, explained, “I wanted to offer the priceless gift of prayer to anyone who was in need. Each prayer request will be prayed in utmost confidence with a team of prayer partners.”

The success of the LTTS depends upon the community to donate, volunteer and shop. Multiple churches in the Lake Travis area, including the Lakeway Church, Lake Travis Methodist Church, Presbyterian Church of Lake Travis, and Emmaus Catholic Parish have hosted events that help to fuel the success of the shop. Their gifted and hardworking volunteers, donations and overall supportive efforts have been overwhelming.

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3 thoughts on ““The Holy Spirit Led Us To This Place”: LOC Lake Travis New Thrift Shop

  1. Congratulations Ladies! I remember the original deliberations. Your prayers, professional talents and generosity have created a very good work for people in need.

  2. Much success with your “leap of faith”. Your shop looks beautiful. St. Vincent is surely smiling. God bless your work.

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