Watch and listen to Fr. Dick Gielow, C.M. – “Walk with Me”

“Many years ago, I wrote a little booklet on the Stations of the Cross. I was looking for a better understanding of the meaning of the Stations. This video is from a parish mission I conducted this past February and is a summary of “Walk with Me”. I hope you enjoy the homily.”
Fr. Dick Gielow, C.M.

Click here to view Fr. Dick’s Parish Mission talk

This was recorded this past February just before the stay-at home orders were ordered.

Please stay safe and healthy, and know we pray daily for you and your families.

2 thoughts on “Watch and listen to Fr. Dick Gielow, C.M. – “Walk with Me”

  1. Father, that was one of the best homilies I ever heard. I laughed , teared up, and felt every step you took with each station of the cross. I will listen again and when I visit my church and look at each station, I hope I will be able to feel some of what Jesus felt that Holy day. Thanks

  2. Thank you Fr. Gielow. As always you inspire me. But at this time of great pain and division in our country, you have given me great hope that Our Blessed Mother and Our Lord Jesus also walk with every American and inspire hope, healing and unity. We are not black or white or male or female. We are children of God every black man, every police officer, every mother who feels her child’s pain. If we follow our Lord He will show us the way through His greatest lesson. May we all receive His grace to forgive, as He taught us and you reminded us! Thank you again for the great words of encouragement.

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