Junior Ladies Help Out During Pandemic

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St. Mary’s Junior Ladies of Charity in Lancaster New York has been helping out during the Corona virus Pandemic. The girls are off since schools are closed so they have gotten to work on a project.

They have been busy helping to make masks for the local De Paul facility. Both the Juniors and the adult Ladies of Charity were notified that 800 masks were needed so a general request for help went out. The Juniors and some of our older ladies who sew have been busy making masks which are needed by everyone here in New York State. For instance Maxine Anstett, our St. Mary’s Ladies of Charity treasurer, made the masks worn by Marian Snyder and Holly Walter as they delivered the plants to Lancaster Manor.

The Juniors wanted to help out with gifts for the 52 female residents of Lancaster Manor but were unable to meet as a group because of social distancing rules regarding meetings. Marilyn Leslie, former President of the Buffalo Association and former member of the LCUSA National Board stepped up and supplied colorfully wrapped boxes filled with Hershey Kisses that were given to the residents for the Mother’s Day tea on May 6th. These were given to the residents in the Junior Ladies name.

We all work together during these difficult times. That is what Ladies and Junior Ladies of Charity do. We are sure everyone enjoyed the plants and boxes of candy at Lancaster Manor and we will all do our best to help out when we can in the future.

by Holly Walter and Marian Snyder

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