Seeds for the Spirit: LOC of Salt Lake City

Seeds for the Spirit

Holding a seed in your hand is to contemplate a miracle. Water and light can make a tiny spec become a beautiful blossom or precious nourishment.

The Ladies of Charity in Salt Lake City provide food deliveries to twenty-nine families who would otherwise struggle for food. Food is gathered, organized, and put into bags and boxes and delivered to these families. Our families appreciate it and depend on it. These deliveries occur every month without fail.

As you might imagine, COVID-19 put a wrench in the works. Social distancing. Germs on packaging. Stay at home orders.

Jenny McDonald is the woman in charge of our program. She contacted our families to find out how they are doing. Some are doing reasonably well. Some are not. Some are in fear and need reassurance.

As you might have heard, Salt Lake City had an earthquake registering 5.7 on March 18, and confidence was shaken as well as the earth itself.

But Jenny’s call to the families and her assurances that they are not forgotten helped to fortify them. We are providing gift cards to the grocery stores to enable them to take care of their food needs.

We are also providing seeds to those families that want them. The families were delighted to hear that and cannot wait to receive their seeds and nurture them. I sincerely believe that watching tender green sprouts break through the soil into the sun will provide a lift to their spirits.

Tiny seeds. They are gifts of food, of spirit, and of love. What a beautiful representation of the Easter season.

Lori Donnester
April 2020

4 thoughts on “Seeds for the Spirit: LOC of Salt Lake City

  1. What a wonderful idea to include seed packets for those you serve !! A special thanks to the Salt Lake LOC for taking such good care of their neighbors in these times of uncertainty.

  2. Lori Donnester, you wrote so beautifully about a project that exudes Vincention compassion and practicality. Thank you Salt Lake City for inspiring us! Hope your families will be OK.

  3. Seeds are a beautiful reminder that our society will grow slowly and surely to produce new shoots, maybe in a new way. We need to open to the sunshine.

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