AIC: Training Booklet: International Representations (March-April-May 2020)

Dear AIC volunteers,

The Permanent Committee has chosen as its next training theme for the coming months: the presentation of the work of AIC representatives in the different international bodies.

This action within international organizations is a very important aspect of our fight against poverty. It is a vast subject, and it is necessary to take sufficient time to study it.

Therefore, what you are receiving here is a training booklet, not a training reflection. It can be used for the months of March, April, and May.

At the end of the booklet you will find, as usual, some questions. There are three of them, so it is possible to address one each month.

If you have any questions or thoughts to share with us on this subject, please do not hesitate to send them to We will receive them with great interest.

We hope that you will be able to adapt to this change of method and that you enjoy studying this material!

May Saint Vincent and Saint Louise guide us in our work with the most disadvantaged people,

Maru and Alicia

(Alicia Duhne and María Eugenia Magallanes Negrete)

2020 03_AIC International Representations Booklet_ENGDownload PDF

Annex- AIC Project Presentation Form (Word DOC)

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