LOC Archdiocese of Washington General Assembly

St. Matthias LOC— From L/R: Debbie Self, Marion Prout, Bernadette Wilson, Jeannette Davis, Erusa Onukwubiri, Seated: Arlene Taylor and Hildegard Jorgensen
St. Margaret of Scotland LOC (pictured foreground)

Submitted by: Jamila Stone

The 2019 General Assembly took place Saturday, October 19th at the Pastoral Center. There were 62 Ladies of Charity in attendance. Fr. Mike Barth, S.T. was the Mass celebrant.

The day started with a moving mass at 10:00am then lead to coffee and an ice-breaker “If I was Queen of the world”. The ladies were fully engaged with one another and gave some great new laws they would implement if they were Queen of the world. One could feel the spirit of giving through many of the answers. Some would: provide free education to all, and end homelessness. We have a group of strong women who fully live the mission of St. Vincent de Paul and St. Louise de Marillac.

Instead of a keynote speaker each unit was asked “How Do You Serve” and they presented what they do at their units to serve the needy. Each unit was inspirational in the hard work that they do year-round. Some works expressed were: food pantries, thrift stores, visiting nursing homes, volunteering at schools, Christmas projects giving 110 dinner baskets and gifts, supporting pregnant mothers, and much more.

Feedback during the assembly was very positive and many seemed to enjoy the new structure. The day was another positive gathering that uplifts and inspires for more great works to be done.

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