An Immigrant Christmas

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By Holly Walter

On Wednesday December 11th St. Mary’s Ladies of Charity in Lancaster New York held its annual Christmas Party at the home of President Holly Walter. Members brought their gifts for the Immigrant and Refugee Christmas gift drive to the party. In addition to gifts from the Ladies of Charity, members of St. Mary’s parish also participated in the annual event. Altogether around sixteen immigrant families of varying sizes have their holiday season brightened and are made to feel welcome here in the Buffalo Region. In conjunction with the older Ladies of Charity, the Junior Ladies also adopted families and brought their gifts up separately.

On Monday December 16th, three loaded vehicles, all SUV’s, made their way up to the Immigration and Refugee Assistance Center, run by Catholic Charities and located on Herkimer Street in Buffalo to present their gifts for the families. Kate Hays, Volunteer Coordinator for the Center, met us and we brought the gifts into the building together along with workers from the Center, all of them immigrants at one time themselves.

This is one small but very meaningful way we welcome refugees into the Buffalo community and make them feel welcome. St Mary’s Ladies of Charity and Junior Ladies of Charity are dedicated, as all Ladies of Charity are, to helping those in need and welcoming all who wish to settle here in the United States from around the world.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone and God’s Blessings on all that we do and on everyone we serve for the coming year.

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