Northeastern Regional Leaders Visit LOC Albany, NY Association

On Tuesday November 12th and Wednesday November 13th, Northeastern Regional Vice President Irene Siedlarczyk and Director Holly Walter visited the Ladies of Charity Association in Albany New York. We had a chance to attend the association board meeting and meet the leaders of the association. President Ann Rose introduced us and allowed us to talk about National LCUSA issues and answer questions about concerns the board may have.

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The group picture shows Irene, Holly, and President Ann Rose with our hands on the woven banner. The other pictures depict activities of the Albany Association put very cleverly into books.

The Albany association engages in may charitable works in their community, among them are Nourish, Mary’s Corner, Coats for the Community, a soup kitchen, two pantries, Bridges out of Poverty, and the SMJC Giving Room for the homeless of the area. Nourish provides guidelines for healthy eating, Mary’s Corner helps young mothers and their babies up to age 4, Coats for the Community, which was featured in a recent LOC posting, provides coats for men, women, and children who otherwise could not afford them. The soup kitchen and pantries serve meals on Mondays and Thursdays and will provide turkeys for Thanksgiving for those who need them on November 22nd respectively. Bridges Out of Poverty is a National effort to help the poor climb out of poverty and the Albany region, under Kathy Kavanaugh’s direction, is a very active branch. Marie Copeland and Sheila Morris Barnes are the advocacy liaisons for the Northeastern region and they also provided a report.

Before the attendees left, after the meeting was adjourned, pictures were taken of the group with the Begin to Weave and God Will Provide the Thread banner that was put together at the Assembly in Salt Lake City. Irene Siedlarczyk brought the banner for everyone to see at the meeting. All regions can bring their regional banners to their association meetings so that members can visualize how all of us work together to help those in our communities that need us most, the poor and the marginalized. With God’s help we are able serve all we come in contact with as a cohesive unit, interwoven in His plan.

Submitted by Holly Walter

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  1. This is so great to see. We all have our projects that we are happy doing, but can be encouraged to do
    more things. Thank You for sharing this.

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