LOC Promote “Care for Our Common Home” at Calendar Party Fundraiser

St. Mary Nativity Parish, Uniontown, PA had a fundraiser called a Calendar Party on Sunday October 27, 2019. Our Ladies of Charity sponsored a table and chose to name our table “Care for Our Common Home.”

Attached is the explanation received by each person at the table (click to download) as well as a few pictures. Our centerpiece had a waterfall surrounded by plants, animals, and the fruits and vegetables of the earth. We used no plastics, Styrofoam, etc. on the table. The auction basket we contributed included homemade/mason jarred goods, LED lights, cloth to use instead of paper, (you get the idea!)

We hope to continue to help others become more aware of “Laudato Si.”

Sr. Annette Frey, S.C.
Spiritual Moderator, St. Mary’s Ladies of Charity

Bobbi Skovera, Sr. Annette Frey, and Patty Yoder
Waterfall and surroundings
Bobbi Skovera, Patty Yoder, and Sr. Jean Augustine

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