St. Mary’s of Lancaster New York Collect “Pennies for Pillows”

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On the weekend of October 12th and 13th St. Mary’s Ladies of Charity collected pennies and other coins and bills to help fund the “Fresh Start” program at their store located at 1122 Broadway in Buffalo. The ladies collected from the parishioners as they exited masses all weekend and then counted their proceeds the following Tuesday October 15th at the home of Holly Walter, President of the local group.

All together, a total of over $1340.00 was collected and everyone enjoyed the counting and the results. The donations will be used to purchase items for the Fresh Start program which helps those who have had financial and physical setbacks such as fires and family separations and displacements. The funds will also be used for local projects and donations. Everyone worked together and the result was the most successful collection ever.

One thought on “St. Mary’s of Lancaster New York Collect “Pennies for Pillows”

  1. Excellent work ladies. I’m a LOC here in Schenectady, NY ~ it’s wonderful to see other LOC projects and photos. May God bless all of you and all LOC’s.

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