AIC Reflection: Recruitment, Topic 3: Welcoming New Volunteers

Training reflection on recruitment – Topic 3: Welcoming, supporting, and making space for new volunteers

Dear friends,

We hope this message finds you well.

We are sending you the third and final training reflection in our series on “Recruitment”. In this reflection, we look at the need to welcome and provide ongoing support to newly recruited volunteers.

New volunteers are vital for the future of our association, but if they do not feel valued and included in our groups in their early days, they may leave, and our recruitment efforts will have been for nothing. We therefore encourage you to participate actively in this training and use this opportunity to consider how you welcome new volunteers in your group and whether there are any changes you would like to introduce in this process.

We invite you to study this training reflection during the month of September.

Kindest regards in Christ, St Vincent and St Louise,

Alicia and Maru
(Alicia Duhne and María Eugenia Magallanes Negrete)

2019 09_Training Reflection on Recruitment_September_Topic3-EN

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