Preparation for Feast Day of St. Vincent de Paul

Let’s prepare for the celebration of our dear St Vincent! (September 27)

Dear friends,

As the celebration of the Feast of Saint Vincent de Paul approaches, it is our pleasure to send you three interesting and important documents that we have received from FamVin:

  • A circular letter from Fr. Tomaz on the occasion of the Feast of Saint Vincent de Paul 2019
  • A presentation of the FamVin Annual Theme 2019: “Forced Displacement”
  • A progress report from the FamVin Homeless Alliance

As you know, St Vincent made welcoming and caring for displaced people a central part of the ministry of the early Vincentian Family. For this reason, in his letter this year, Fr. Tomaz invites us to deepen our engagement in the activities of the FamVin Homeless Alliance in our respective countries, especially through the “13 Houses” campaign, which has begun in various parts of the world.

We hope these documents will help you use the Feast of our founder to deepen your commitment to our homeless brothers and sisters.

We leave you with our kindest regards, hoping that Christ and St Vincent continue to accompany us always,

Alicia and Tayde

[Alicia Duhne and Tayde de Callataÿ]

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2019_FamVin Homeless Alliance Progress Summary ENG

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2019_FamVin Annual Theme-EN

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2019 09_Letter Feast Vincent de Paul-EN

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