Ladies of Charity of Salt Lake City Host Party for First Holy Communion

On May 5th the Our Lady of Lourdes Ladies of Charity 2nd association of Utah hosted a reception for 18 beautiful children as they made their First Holy Communion. We had a gorgeous day with a high of 77 degrees, much like the temperatures we’ll have here in September when we host the National Convention in Salt Lake City.

We have been throwing this First Holy Communion celebration for the children for quite a few years. It is such a lovely event that we all look forward to for we have come up with a very nice formula for our reception. Different members make cupcakes and we offer a small bowl of fruit (a mix of some time-saving frozen along with fresh grapes, bananas, and strawberries) to go along with a sparkling punch, water, and coffee. This year more than 200 cupcakes covered the tables in a variety of flavors and decorations. You can see each person’s dilemma as they try to decide the perfect treat for themselves. The Sour Patch Gummy Octopus on blue icing was a big hit with many siblings of the communicants.

The group of mostly 2nd graders, gussied up in nice suits and white dresses, including a couple of children in white traditional Native American attire, each had their own special cupcakes to enjoy. Member Carol Huffman’s special sheep decorated cupcakes are always a big hit for the children celebrating this significant sacrament. This little tradition takes the pressure off of the families that want to take pictures of their communicant in the church before coming down to our social hall. The children know they have the very special treat waiting just for them along with a small gift from the Ladies of Charity.

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